Sunday, 19 October 2014

About Me!

Hi, welcome to my little blog! To start I'd like to thank you for stumbling across my blog! Please feel free to have a nosy & comment on anything that strikes your interests!

I'm Louise, 26, I was born in a city called peterborough in cambridgeshire & when my parents divorced, I moved about a bit with my mum before settling in Blackpool. It's not the greatest place but my Love lives here, so it'll do for now! ;) I work at HMV, I love films & tv & general DVD's. I love cherry coke! like obsessed it is my weakness!

 I'm recently engaged (recently meaning 2 years ago!) my Love, Rob, proposed at the concert of one of my favourite bands! We do want to get married sooner rather than later but we both have a bit of a shopping problem & can't seem to save to pay for a wedding! 

I have 2 half sisters who mean the world to me! I think siblings are a great thing! Even if they don't get you, they still get you! Get me?

My mum is the most important person in the world to me! She is fun & original & where I get most of my personal traits from!

I'm a little crazy & ramble on for days about nothing but I have a love for beauty, fashion, cooking, hello kitty, makeup, shopping, cherry coke, red lipstick, winged eyeliner, burlesque shows & weddings! So these are the things I'm gonna blog about! Hopefully i've given you a bit of an incite into me!

I'm gonna try & upload everyday but we'll see!

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