Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Birchbox October 2014

I really think I may cancel my subscription to both birchbox & glossybox. I've have them both for nearly 2 years & I'm just not sure they're doing anything for me anymore! But on to what I got this month & more on why I'm thinking about cancelling.

The theme of this months box is breast cancer & "coppafeel". 9 years ago (almost to the day) my mum was diagnosed with  breast cancer. She has been very lucky & because it was caught early & she responded well to the chemo my mum is fine now. Unfortunately I did lose a great friend & boss from this awful disease 2 years ago because she did not catch it soon enough & it spread to other parts of her body. It's because this, that I think its great, that big companies are urging you to check yourself out & go to your doctor if you think anything is wrong.

This month instead of the usual drawstring pouch they gave us a little pink makeup pouch. Its not very well made, the makeup bags I make are of much better quality.

Inside I received: -
*2 Cattier pink clay face masks £4.25 - It says its suitable for sensitive skin, is packed full of aloe vera to illuminate & soften your skin. I have really sensitive skin so I'm not to sure if i'll be trying these or not.

*KMS California hair play dry wax £15 - I'm really bad when it comes to my hair & usually just wash, condition, sleep on it wet, hope it looks good! & 9 times out of 10 its fine. If I do decide to use this it will apparently add easy to style 2nd day texture to my hair

*Shaveworks cool fix £11 - This cooling gel lotion treat ingrown hairs, razor bumps & redness after hair removal. I currently use one of these by a different brand that I can't remember, but the solution is green, so i'll probably keep this for travel.

*Pixi by Petra shea butter lip balm £8 - I love the Pixi skincare & this is now a new favorite! Its a nourishing lip balm packed with shea butter & a hint of colour. I got a rather boring brown/neutral colour, but that's ok the smell & hydration makes up for it.

*Meaningful Beauty glowing serum £30.95 - This will probably go to my mum. I currently have no need for an anti-ageing serum, even if this is from cindy crawford.

So that was this months box. Out of everything there, I'll probably only use 1 thing, which is cheap enough that I could of bought it on its own! I'll probably keep my subscription till January because then I've had it 2 years & given it a proper go.

Do you subscribe to birchbox or any other beauty subscription? Are you enjoying them?


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