Monday, 20 October 2014

Plans for the week #1

When Life Hands You Lemmons

1) Eat healthier
I'm not gonna try & half my size or anything but I do think eating healthier & losing some weight will help me feel not as tired, help with trying to conceive & generally make me look a little better.

MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection- Photos & Information!

2) Rocky Horror for Mac collection
On Thursday the rocky horror collection for Mac will be going online! & I'm determined to get a few pieces! Mainly the lipsticks, blush & eyelashes. But we'll see what grabs my attention on Thursday

(Because I'm shivering with anticipation for this collection!)

3) Sort my makeup collection
My makeup collection is kept in the lounge because that's where the best light in the house is & there is a huge mirror. The problem is that even just a few pieces of makeup of the mantelpiece make the lounge look messy! So this week I'm gonna try & organize it so I can tidy the everyday bits away quickly!

On Thursday I'm also going to visit my dad, step mum & sisters for the weekend. Because they live down south (where I was born) I don't get to see them as much as i'd like!

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