Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sephora haul

So ever since sephora started shipping to the U.K. I've been adding & removing things from my basket practically everyday! There is so much choice & so much I wanted that its taken me a while to narrow it down to an affordable amount that I really wanted!

I eventually decided to get 3 of the limited Christmas sets because I know I'd regret it once they're gone! (Of course they've added more now, so there's even more I want now!)

When you order from sephora you can choose 3 samples. I chose cover fx concealer set, Anastasia brow powder & too face cocoa powder foundation. From what I've read I'm quiet lucky to have recieved all 3 that I've ordered! They also included a sample of tom fords velvet orchid. 

Sephora also usually have special codes you can enter to get another, more deluxe sample for free. When ordered you could get a tarte mascara for free. I wanted to try the lights camera lashes mascara but it had sold out before I ordered. So instead I got the lights cameras flashes mascara & I love it! In my opinion it's like benefits they're real mascara, but better!

Keeping with the mascara I got the sephora favourites lash stash. 10 duluxe sample sized mascaras & an eye makeup remover. 

I'm gonna try & review them all & get pictures showing the difference between my lashes. 

Another sephora favourite & this is the give me more lip set. It contains 17 lip items; 5 nudes, 4 pinks, 4 berry toned & 4 reds. I'm really bad with lipsticks & generally wear red or nothing at all! Plus I always avoid lipgloss because of the stickiness of it. So I'm hoping with this set I'll try some colours out of my comfort zone & maybe fine a new favourite or 2!

I am planning on watching them all & reviewing them through November when I will be doing 30 days of lips. Showing you a new lip product everyday for the month. 

Another lip set! This one is the Kat von d studded kiss lipstick set. Ive really wanted one of these for ages! But couldn't decide on colour. Stick to what I know & get a red or try something different!

& then I saw this! It has 9 mini versions of the original lipsticks. A great way to try a range of the colours & try out the brand!

All the lipsticks are packaged in this patient studded tubes that I just love! I want to buy them all just for the packaging!

So that's what I got from sephora this time! What are your favourite things on the sephora website? What beauty item do you think you should experiment with?


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