Monday, 17 November 2014

Plans For The Week!

1) So this past week has been the worst week ever at work! But this week I'm gonna try & live by this quote in relation to work. So whenever I'm getting really stressed or annoyed I'm gonna try asking myself, "Will this matter next year?" & if the answer  is no, I'm gonna try & let it go, right then & there!

2) Rob & I struck up a deal at the end of last month, he would give up alcohol for a month & I'd give up cherry coke for the month & we would treat ourselves at the end of the month. Rob lasted 10 days before he had a stressful day at work but I'm still going strong! (I'm so proud I've lasted this long! Every time I see it in the shop I'm so tempted! But I'm determined to last the month!) So since we're over half way through the month I've decided to up the ante & now only drink water for the rest of the month! At least 8 glasses but I'm hoping to actually drink about 12!

3) I'm thinking of dying my hair this lovey burgundy brown (called cherry coke hair on pintrest!) I haven't dyed my hair in nearly 4 years & think it might be time for a change!

What are your plans for the week? Do you have any tips for dealing with stress at work?


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