Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A long story & A Pre-Birthday Gift To Myself!

A couple of weeks ago I said I really wanted something from the mac rocky horror picture show collection. & what a nightmare I had trying to get it! This is a long story before we get to the other items I bought, so maybe save this post until you have 10 mins to spare reading it? Or just skim until I'm done rambling!

 I stayed up all night waiting for the collection to go live, because I wasn't sure what time it was going onto the site in the uk. From 11am I was refreshing the webpage every 5 seconds. It got to about 12.30 & I had to leave to go get a train to visit some family. I checked before I left the house & again as soon as I'd locked the door. In the time it took me to lock the front door, the products had not only gone live, but also sold out! I was devastated!

I rang the store closest to me to find out what time they closed & whether Rob would be able to go all the way to Liverpool after work to get me something. Not an option, by the time he'd of got there they'd of closed! I honestly didn't know what to do! I had a sudden thought of, I wonder if a store will save something for me? I knew the closest store to my sisters was in London & that still wasn't that close. But I decided it would be worth it, if I could get something from the collection!

I rang the store just off carnaby street & asked if it was possible to save anything from the collection until the next day? The assistant was really friendly & asked what I wanted saving & because I wasn't 100% on anything else from the collection, I asked for just the frankenfuter lipstick to be saved & if they had anything else from the collection in stock when I got there I'd take a look & maybe buy something else as well!

She took my name & I confirmed it was the branch off carnaby street & asked if it mattered what time I arrived? she said no anytime tomorrow would be fine! & I breathed a sigh of relief! I managed to make my train in time, inform my stepmum & sisters of my intention to go into London the next day & booked my train ticket. Everything seemed to be going good again!

The next day I got up early & made my way into London. I arrived about 10am & knew mac had just opened but I really needed the bathroom & figured I'd kill 2 birds & nip into Liberty! After a bathroom break & spending an obscene amount of money in Liberty I headed over to mac!

I entered the store & couldn't move for people! It was packed! I decided against trying to get anything else from my mac wish list & would just get my lipstick which should of been behind the counter. I join the line at the counter that doesn't seem to be moving because every member of staff is dealing with 2-3 people on the floor.

In 10 mins the one person in front of me is served but the colleague is whisked away to deal with someone else before they can serve me. It was chaos! Because of all the people in the store  the fact they had the heating on (it was a cold day outside) I honestly thought I might faint from it being so hot & not having enough room to take my coat off!

20 mins in & a young man comes behind the count to help me, I explain I'd phoned up & saved one of the rocky horror lipsticks. I told him my name & he went off to look for my lipstick. I waited, & waited, & waited! Eventually he returned & rather rudely in my opinion went "Its not there & we're sold out now!" I was kinda speechless & remember just going, "ok?" He then said I should try the store in covent garden & tried to serve the person behind me. I was then that I got really annoyed & asked to see the manager.

She came over & repeated exactly what he'd said but added, "Beside I was in the office all day yesterday & was the only person answering the phone. The only person who asked to save a frankenfurter lipstick was a girl called Rosie who is collecting today!" I explained to her what time I'd called, how I'd confirmed which store I was ringing & if they had forgotten my call please could they ring the covent garden store to find out if they had any left before I trekked over (especially because the tube station at covent garden is exit only) Her response "You told me your name was Rosie!" Rosie sounds nothing like Louise! & why would I of lied about my name?

So eventually I got my lipstick! & I've been put off mac stores for life! Unless necessary, I'll stick to the Debehams & John Lewis websites! Now lets look on & the beauty & wonder that is Mac Frankenfurter!


This is a matte lipstick that isn't drying on the lips & has a subtle blue undertone which is great for whitening teeth. I can see this being one I reach for whenever I want a red lip (which is quiet often!)
If you like red lipsticks or even rocky horror as a film how can you not love this! It beautiful! & because of the beauty when I saw Debenhams had 10% off all makeup last week (& because I'd had a really bad week at work & my birthday is in 2 weeks) I couldn't resist picking up 2 of the christmas heirloom collection lipsticks & something I've been after for a while!

The first lipstick that caught my eye in the Heirloom collection was No Faux Pas. A bright matte lipstick. To me, this more of a satin finish than matte. it just looks natural on the lips (well as natural as a bright pink can!) I think this will be great for work with a slick of black eyeliner for a modern vintage look. I love the sparkly black packaging! It's a nice alternative the the plain black mac tubes. 

This I regret slightly! Again from the Heirloom Collection, this is Salon Rouge & is very similar to the frank N Furter lipstick above. This again is labeled at matte but I'd say is more of a satin. So it is a little different & it'll be quiet nice to have a backup!

Mac's Sheer tone blush in Frankly Scarlet has been on my wishlist for ages! It was only because of the 10% off at debenhams that I finally got it! It give the skin a lovely "I've just been playing in the snow!" kind of glow! & I think it will be perfect for the winter! It has a really soft & almost consistency, which makes it really easy to apply!

Swatches L-R (all Mac) Frank N Furter, No Faux Pas, Salon Rouge, Frankly Scarlet.

The 10% off has now ended but Debenhams is the only place that hasn't sold out of the Heirloom Collection pieces which you can find here.

What is on your Mac wishlist? Have you bought any of the above? What are your opinions of them?


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