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Birchbox November 2014

I know I've been away forever! Real life & work & family got in the way! But I'm back & much more organized so I'll be blogging everyday!

This months them was "Cozy at home" & I'm not sure some of the products really match that theme! I do think that the sample sizes this month were really generous though! Mine contained 2 full sized items & 3 good sized samples! (& a lifestyle sample I'm a bit meh! about.)

So just in case you didn't know, Birchbox is a subscription service that costs £10 +£2.95 postage & every month they send you products to try out. Everything inside the box can be bought from the birchbox shop, but I'll also link if I know somewhere else that sells them. I like it because its a great way to try things you may of never bought yourself. That is also the reason why I don't like it sometimes. I don't wear nail varnish, no matter how many I'm sent, I'm still not gonna wear nail varnish! Which leads us nicely into the first item!

OPI Polish

OPI Coca-Cola Red Nail Polish £11.95

This is part of the limited edition Coca-Cola collection & is a beautiful red! If I wore nail varnish, this is the colour I'd always wear! Its iconic, classic & perfect for every occasion! I just hate nail varnish! (On me! On other people I love it & wish it looked like that on my nails)
Available from Selfridges in all the colours from the collection

Beauty Protector - Protect & Treat Hair Mask

This mask is meant to rejuvenate & protect you hair with argan oil, honey, amber & crushed pearls. I've had a couple of things from beauty protector before & haven't really formed an opinion on them. The shampoo & conditioner wasn't great but it wasn't bad either! I'm hoping this will be really good though because my hair has been really dry recently! This appears to only be available via birchbox at the moment.

Dr. Jart + V7 Vita Drop £26

This is described as "hydration in a tube" I'm not convinced yet! You're meant to use this after your serum in place of moisurizer. It apparently is a "special emulsion containing vitamins" that transform into water drops on contact with the skin. I've tried it a couple of times & I would not say that it "transforms into water drops" it's a gel. It stays a gel. It's kinda moisturizing but I won't be purchasing if it runs out! If you want to try it BeautyBay stock it for £23.25

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil

This is a multi use product that I'm sure I'll use up! It has a blend of almond & plum kernel oils to keep the skin soft & supple. It can also be used sparingly in your hair or to remove eye makeup.

Ocado (the online supermarket) currently have this on sale for £6.90! More than half the price I've seen it anywhere else! Its going back up on 2nd December so if you're interested I suggest getting it from there  soon!

Lord & Berry Mini Bronzer in Sunny

This is one of the items I don't understand for "cozy at home" my definition of being cozy at home is makeup off, pajamas on, feet up. Why would I have bronzer on in that scenario? 
Despite my annoyance that it doesn't fit in with the theme, I do think its a good contour powder. It's a super finely milled matte powder that I thought would be too orange to start. But as you can see from my swatch it's just 2-3 shades darker than my skin tone! & it's dinky little size is perfect for travel!

The full size is available from look fantastic

& the lifestyle extra this month was:

Drinkwel Capsules

These are vegitarian multivitamins to help you recover after a night out drinking. You take 3 with food before you go out & 3 with water once you're home. I like the idea of these, but because i hate hangovers & being sick, I'm a careful drinker. I always eat before (I'm such a lightweight otherwise), there is a point I get to after tipsy but before drunk (its a fine line but I'm good at realising I'm there now) where I stop drinking alcohol (sometimes I'll move onto water, others I'll just stop drinking) & I always drink a glass of water before bed. If I know I'm going out I'll put a bottle of water on my bedside table before I leave so I don't have to remember to get a glass when I get in. 
Back to these capsules though, I do think they'd have been better in next months box, to help with all the christmas parties or to be saved for new year!

What did you get in your birchbox this month? Are there any other subscription services you think I should join?


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