Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Espa Optimal Skin Pro Cleanser & Oil

The cleanser is described as an "advanced tri-phase cleansing for naturally radiant beautiful skin"

I don't know what "tri-phase" means! But whatever is in this it works for me! This has a gel like consistency with little waxy beads (apparently these are jojoba spheres) that exfoliate & melt into the skin as you massage into your face. 

This can be used in 2 different ways. 1) as a daily cleanser, removing once all the "jojoba spheres" had melted. 2) how I use it, as a mask that you leave on for 15 minutes once or twice a week. 

I can tell you it contains moringa seed extract & pumpkin enzymes, I don't what these do for the skin but whatever it is, my skin has never been better!

I bought this on a recommendation from an assistant in Liberty while my skin was incredible bad. The worst it's been. Dry & covered in red, angry acne that caused my makeup to cling to my dry patches & not cover all the redness. 

Now, my skin still has acne, it probably always will because of my pcos, but now it's smooth, hydrated & makes me feel confident enough to go out without makeup!

The oil was given to me as a sample when I bought my cleanser to try. Before I tried it I thought all skin oils were created equal! Boy was I wrong! I've tried a few skin oils, boots botanics organic oil, kiehls midnight recovery oil to name a few & could tell the difference. 

This however leaves my skin feel plump & hydrated without feeling greasy & can be used both at night or in the morning. I've had to start rationing myself with this after my cat knocked the bottle over, & as the sample doesn't have a lid, I lost  about 70% of it!

I'm definitely gonna be trying more products from espa as my experience with these 2 has been nothing but godsend!

Have you tried anything from espa? Do you have any holy grail skincare products?

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