Sunday, 21 June 2015

London Beauty Haul

This was scheduled to go up ages ago & for some reason never did? I thought I'd still share it as I've used all these things now & can tell you a little more about them!

I'll be back on Sunday with an update on where I've been & hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging daily & maybe even blogging?!

I went to London recently with my mum & did more that a little bit of shopping! Don't worry, not all of the stuff in the first 2 pictures is mine. These are the picture I sent to rob to scare him!

Whenever I tried to take the pictures for these items, my cat Woofy, kept trying to have fuss & wouldn't let me photograph them. So I photographed them with him! The full reviews are further down. 

Pixi by Petra glow tonic & glow mist
The pixi glow tonic is legendary thanks to Caroline Hirons. This was a repurchase after mine ran out & because I've been trying other things recently is still sealed under the bathroom sink! But it's a cult product for a reason & you won't regret trying it! 

The glow mist I'm still a little unsure on. It doesn't make my makeup last longer, takes quiet a while to dry but does leave a nice glow to the skin! It's something that I haven't used in months & wont repurchase!

Espa optimal pro cleanser & oil

I've already done a full review of this here. It has already become my holy grail skincare brand!

Laura Mercier mineral foundation
This was another repurchase. I use this mixed with bare minerals power foundation to create a light, full coverage, natural looking base that I love for everyday wear! 

Mac viva miley 
I love this lipstick! It lasts all day, is a great bright pink colour & is helping charity. It can do no wrong in my eyes! 

Mac false lashes extreme black mascara sample
This was very much ok. It'll be good to take if I go away & need a small makeup bag but I wouldn't buy the full size. There was nothing "false lash" about it!

Mac ruby woo lipstick & lipliner
I love red lipsticks! & thought it was time to get the classic Mac red of ruby woo!
The liner is super creamy & goes nicely with all my red lipsticks. 
The lipstick is a retro matt but still glides on the lips creating a classic vintage red lip! This is always in my handbag as its a colour I wear regularly!

Topshop 5th anniversary lipsticks in Rio Rio & beglided 

I'm gonna be honest. I think I've lost this! I sorted my makeup collection last week & I don't remember seeing it!
From what I remember I felt this was too dark for me & made me look pasty. If I find it I will give it another go!

Rio Rio

I'm a little disappointed with this, When I swatched it in store, It wasn't as orange as it appears on the lips. I prefer the consistacy of this compared to Beguiled, it lasts much longer & wears evenly, however because of the colour, I'm not sure how much I'll use it.
UPDATE: I now love this colour! I think it's a great modern twist on the vintage makeup I usually do! 

Topshop 5th anniversary glow highlighter in polished & magic liner
The magic liner started off really pigmented & very black but gradually it got light & lighter & now it looks brown & patchey. The nib is really good though so what I usually do is draw my wings first with this & then fill them in with my liquid eyeliner of choice!

I'm disappointed with the cream glow highlighter, it is very pigmented & far to obvious in the cheekbones for me!


Swatches from left to right: Mac Viva Miley, Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick, Then Lipliner, Topshop lipstick in Beguiled & Rio Rio, Topshop magic liner & Topshop Glow highlighter in Polished.

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